Announcements for the Week of June 26, 2022

WE WELCOME OUR GUESTS  and ask them to please sign our guest register.  We are glad to have you worship with us today.  There are welcome sheets in the pews next to the hymnals.  If you are interested in finding out more information, or would like to be contacted by the Pastor, please fill out a sheet and place it in the offering plate or hand it to an usher.  If you have any questions please ask any member or Pastor Doletzky.

THE FLOWERS ON THE ALTAR are given by Lorry Flath in loving memory of her daughter, Judy Flath.

EVANGELISM THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:  Jesus calls us to trust in him no matter what we face or endure.  But so often we are afraid, even of those He wants us to share His love with.  So where do we get the faith to trust and follow Jesus instead of ourselves or the ways of the devil and the world?  17So then, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message comes through the word of Christ.  (Romans 10:17) 

THOSE TO KEEP IN OUR PRAYERS:  Dick Nelson, Paul Drefs, Mike & Linda Buchanan, Loretta Pepin, Lisa Nord, and Yvonne McCarthy. We pray for all of our shut-ins. We pray for our Synod and our missionaries. We pray for our troops, our leaders in the congregation, and in our city, state and nation. We pray for our straying members and those who don’t know Jesus. 

JULY 4TH: Please note that there will be NO Worship on Monday, July 4th. Monday Worship will resume on July 11th. 

SUNDAY BIBLE CLASS:  Today we continue to look at God’s will and our wills and how much does God allow us to do against His will.  Come to Bible Class and grow in your love and understanding of God’s Word and His love for you.

DICK NELSON:  Dick Nelson is currently residing at Christian Park for rehabilitation from his recent illness. We pray for his recovery.

JULY Forward In Christ: is ready for you to pick up and share.

PASTORIAL ACT:  There will be funeral service for Janice Gayan at Salem on Monday, June 27th at 4 p.m.  The Lord called Janice home to eternal life with Jesus on Tuesday, June 21st.  Blessed be her memory. 

JULY CALENDAR:  The July Calendar is ready for pickup! 

TEEN RALLY:  We’d like to wish our teens and their chaperones a safe and fun trip as they leave on June 28th to attend the Teen Rally in TN. They will be returning on July 2nd. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Theresa Shepard for leading the Teen Group and making the trip possible.

SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Helen Herbst will be conducting a summer session of Sunday School at 9:15 am. All kids are welcome to come and join her to learn more about Jesus! 

CARDS:  If you’re looking for a card for an upcoming celebration, please remember that we have a wonderful selection available including graduation, wedding, confirmation and many more. 

SIGN FUND: Please note there is a fund for a new sign if you would like to contribute to getting a new digital sign that will make it a lot easier to change the message.  Just designate an offering for “sign fund.”  We thank the Lord for the gifts of His people.

AUDIO LOOP:  There is an audio loop installed.  For all those who use hearing aids, please set them to the “T” setting for T-coil or telephone.  

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, July 3rd, Service of The Word (Green) Hymns: 304 (st. 1-5)-397-379 Psalm 32 304 st. 6-7 in place of O Taste and See


Today – (8:00) Tim Bruce, Noel Bruce

(10:30) Ron Oberg, Ron Beauchamp, Cole Shepard, Adam Hinch

Next Sun, July 2nd – (8:00) Ken Evans, Terry Klick

(10:30) Todd Chouinard, Glen Meunier, Brian Thorsen 

CLEANING SCHEDULE (June 19th – July 2nd)

Vacuuming – Laura Thomas

Sweeping – Ken & Teresa Evans

Restrooms – Ken & Teresa Evans

Communion Ware Clean-up (June) – Amy Gilner


June 26th – Theresa Shepard (Cole Shepard)

July 2nd – Brian Thorsen (Terry Klick)


June 26th – July 2nd

     Lawn – Todd Chouinard   Berms – Ken Evans

July 3rd – July 9th

     Lawn – Bernie Clements   Berms – Noel Bruce 

THIS WEEK AT SALEM (June 26th – July 4th)

     Today      8:00 am        Worship w/Holy Communion

                    9:15 am        Bible Study

                    9:15 am        Summer Sunday School

                    10:30 am       Worship w/Holy Communion      

     Mon        6:30 pm        Worship w/Holy Communion

     Sunday, July 3rd               

                    8:00 am        Worship

                    9:15 am        Bible Study

                    9:15 am        Summer Sunday School

                    10:30 am       Worship

     Monday, July 4th  

                    6:30 pm        NO WORSHIP – Happy 4th of July! 

FINANCIAL UPDATE: As we all face these ever changing and challenging times, we would graciously encourage our members to please remember our church in your prayers and also through your offerings. If you are unable to attend church in person, we encourage you to worship with us via our live feed that can be watch on our church website and also on Facebook.  You may send your offerings by mailing them directly to Salem or contribute via our online giving link at www.salemescanaba.org. Together, we can work to continue to bring God’s Word to our brothers and sisters! 

Financial Summary for May & Year-to-Date

General Fund

      Needed each month:        $      11,961.75

      Received in May:                $      10,771.50  (-$1,190.25)

      Year-to-Date needed:       $      59,808.75

      Year-to-Date received:       $      55,266.33 (-$4,542.42)


      Needed each month:        $        1,666.67

      Received in May:                $        1,910.00   (+$243.33)

      Year-to-Date needed:       $        8,333.33

      Year-to-Date received:       $        8,591.00   (+$257.67)


      Needed each month:        $       1,000.00

      Received in May:                $       1,064.00  (+$64.00)

      Year-to-Date needed:       $       5,000.00  

      Year-to-Date received:        $       3,305.00    (-$1,695.00).