Announcements for the Week of August 1, 2021

WE WELCOME OUR GUESTS! We are glad you worshiped with us today.  There are welcome sheets in the pews next to the hymnals.  If you are interested in finding out more information, or would like to be contacted by the Pastor, please fill out a sheet and place it in the offering plate or hand it to an usher.  If you have any questions please ask any member or Pastor Doletzky.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Pastor Hannemann for preaching this Sunday! 

EVANGELISM THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Today we heard the Apostle Paul write,  I urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called. 2Live with all humility, gentleness, and patience, bearing with one another in love.

 (Ephesians 4:1-2)  How sad it is to see that so many in our world today only focus on themselves and their wants.  Yet in contrast to selfishness, the Lord calls us to live in a way that is different, but just like Christ.  As we follow and imitate Christ, people will take notice.  Then when the questions come, be ready to answer them and point them to Jesus.

THOSE TO KEEP IN OUR PRAYERS:  Paul Drefs, Steve & Rhea Ashley (Carrie Doletzky’s brother and sister-in-law), Lyndsey Kelley (Ken & Teresa Evan’s daughter), Steve Cadeau, Trudy Flath, Mike & Linda Buchanan, Steve Porath, Loretta Pepin, Lisa Nord, and Yvonne McCarthy. We pray for all of our shut-ins. We pray for our Synod and our missionaries. We pray for our troops, our leaders in the congregation, and in our city, state and nation. We pray for our straying members and those who don’t know Jesus. 

BIBLE CLASS:  Today we will not have Bible Class.  Next week we will continue studying chapter one of The Narrow Lutheran Middle.  Even if you didn’t get book, please come and learn how important it is listen to God’s Word and His middle road.

QUARTERLY VOTERS’ MEETING:  The reports from our quarterly meeting are on the cabinet in the hall.  You may pick one up.

THE NEW Forward In Christ:  for the month of August has arrived.  Please pick up a copy and share with others for articles of encouragement and news in our dear synod.

PASTOR GONE:  Pastor Doletzky will be attending a funeral visitation near Detroit and reaffirmation of vows near Hartford, WI (a wedding missed last year due to COVID) this weekend.  He will be gone Friday, July 30th until Tuesday August 3rd.  Please contact Pastor Ron Zindler from St. Paul’s Hyde at 553-7321 if you are in need of a Pastor during that time.  Thank you. 

CHURCH PICNIC:  Please mark August 15th on your calendar for the Church Picnic.  We will have food, games and activities for the children and teens.  We pray the Lord gives us good weather.  There will be tables set and chairs set up outside under a canopy. If you are willing to help in any way, especially with serving the food, please let Ken Evans know.  Remember all are welcome for this event including family and friends. Thank you!

PIES, PIES, AND MORE PIES!  Do you have a family favorite pie that you’d like to share? We are looking for people to bring a pie or two to be served as dessert at our Church Picnic. The more pies, the better! 

AUGUST CALENDAR:  is ready.  You may pick one up for the scheduled events here at Salem. 

UPDATED WEBSITE ONLINE:  Our website has been updated in many ways.  You will be able to visit it at www.salemescanaba.org.  Our services are now live-streamed to our website and you will not need to go to facebook.  All videos of the services will be archived there.  If you want to watch an archived service on ROKU, go to the search area and search for “Salem Evangelical Escanaba.”  Our website logo will appear and you can click on it.  Please sign our friendship register!  It helps us know if people are watching.  We thank the Lord for the ability to share His Word all over the world through our website.

Please note there is a fund for a new sign if you would like to contribute to getting a new digital sign that will make it a lot easier to change the message.  Just designate an offering for “sign fund.”  We thank the Lord for the gifts of His people.  

CENTRAL AFRICA MEDICAL MISSION (CAMM) JULY UPDATE LETTER: A copy of the July CAMM Monthly Update Letter can be found on the hallway cabinet by the Christian greeting cards.  The July letter is written by Beth Evans, nurse in charge at the Lutheran Mobile Clinic in Malawi.  She shares what a privilege and joy it is to hear how God’s word is able to be shared and proclaimed from opportunities at the CAMM clinics. Prior CAMM Monthly Letters can be found in the orange binder that is also located by the Christian greeting cards. Donations may be made by check payable to Central Africa Medical Mission and mailed to:  WELS/CAMM, P.O. Box 64064, St. Paul, MN  55164-0064. Please continue to pray for CAMM and the people we serve in Malawi and Zambia.  Any questions can be directed to Kathy Grill. 

Next Sunday, The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, August 8th  – (Green) Service of  Word and Sacrament  – Hymns 580-377 (st. 1-3, 6-8)-(382 at 10:30)-318 Psalm 145 


Today –   (8:00)  Dewey Klein, Marvin Krause

(10:30) Ron Oberg, Ron Beauchamp, Cole Shepard

Next Sunday, August 8th(8:00) Gary Carlson,

Corey Engebretson

(10:30) Titus Doletzky, Todd Chouinard, Glen Meunier,

Brian Thorsen 


August 1stBrian Thorsen (Melissa Cadeau)

August 8thSteve Cadeau (Kaylee Cadeau) 


(August 1st – August 14th)

VacuumingKen & Teresa Evans

Sweeping  –  Ken & Teresa Evans

Dusting  – OPEN

Restrooms  – Adam Hinch

Communion Ware Clean-up  (August) – Shari Winters 


Aug 1st – Aug 7th  Lawn – Todd Meerstein

                                 Berms – Matthew Meerstein

Aug 8th – Aug 14th Lawn – David Herbst

                                Berms – Ken Evans 

THIS WEEK AT SALEM (Aug 1st – Aug 9th)

      Today        8:00 am           Worship                                                                                                            

                     NO Bible Class

                        10:30 am         Worship

                        6:30 pm           Worship

      Sunday, August 8th    

                        8:00 am           Worship w/Holy Communion                                 

                        9:15 am           Bible Class

                        10:30 am         Worship w/Holy Communion

      Monday, August 9th   

                        6:30 pm           Worship w/Holy Communion